You Are (not) Here







December 09

I have been invited to the Just Not Normal label for experimental music.  This is in addition to LSDXM which has been helping me out for years now.  My album will be released in january on Just Not Normal and you can expect to hear my music on NTNS radio around the same time.

November 09

Finished a new album!  Its called Offerings and it is made of sound waves and sound particles.  The title 'Offerings' reflects the role of a musician in contemporary society and links it to an acient tradition; songs are offerings to various gods who currently take the form of market forces.

October 08

Ok, the new album is finished. It is called Aut and is sort of an outgrowth of the two Aut tracks from my last album. There is a lot more guitar and composition in general as opposed to percussive tracks. Enjoy.

August 08

Songs are starting to add up into something resembling an album. I am tempted to make a 2 disc this time. The new autechre cd is amazing btw.

July 08

I have started an email list for people who would like to be notified of new albums. I run it all myself, no robots sending emails for me. Check the Contaqt section and send me an email.

There is also a new section of the website for text art. It includes a chapter of a book i am writing, poems/text experiments, and a faq.

June 08

After some computer trouble, i managed to finish a new album and make a new website from scratch. I am keeping the website as simple as possible because i am tired of thinking about brand image marketing lol. I would rather not say much about the new album so that you are free to interpret it however you like; feel free to send me an email telling me what you think.