You Are (not) Here






The Actress Clothed in Universe

-1- The President and His Seven Businessmen

the tv showed seven men in business suits
standing in front of the president
and the president gave them seven news outlets
another businessman came to the studio
carrying a golden missile
and he was given infinite marijuana
so that he could place it,
with the demands of the consumers,
onto the platinum trophy case
in front of the president's chair
and the marijuana smoke rose up
with the demands of all the consumers
in front of the president
from the businessman's hand

the businessman took the golden missile
and filled it with ash and fire
from the trophy case
and dropped it onto the public
there were riots
noise bands
and a spree killing
the seven businessmen which owned
the seven news outlets
began to broadcast

-2- The First Four Businessmen Broadcast

the first businessman began to broadcast
soon asphalt and chemicals mingled with money
fell to the earth
burning up one third of the trees
and all of the grass
the second businessman began to broadcast

soon a city containing AIDS
fell into the ocean
and one third of the ocean became AIDS
and one third of the dolphins died
and one third of the navy was infected

the third businessman began to broadcast
soon a private jet fell to the earth
burning like a meth lab
and it fell into one third of the rivers
and the kitchen sinks
the private jet was called PCP
and one third of the waters became PCP
many consumers died from the water
because it was uncut product

the fourth businessman began to broadcast
soon one third of the television was broken
and one third of the internet was broken
and one third of the telephones were broken

i watched and saw a businessman fly around the studio
'low ratings for the consumers in the city,
there are still three businessmen left to broadcast!'

-3- The Fifth Businessman Broadcasts

the fifth businessman began to broadcast
and i saw a senator fall from the senate
he was given the password to the infinite void
he opened the infinite void
and pollution poured out from it
the television and the air were static from the pollution

out from the pollution came jobs onto the public
and the jobs were given power
like the power of debt
the jobs recieved email telling them
they should not hurt the grass
or the trees
or anything green
only hurt those consumers who do not bear
the seal of the president on their third eye

they were told not to kill the consumers
but to torment them for five months
and this torment was like the torment of debt
when it strikes a consumer
on that show consumers will seek debt
and will not find it
consumers will desire debt
and debt will elude them

the shapes of the jobs were like
tanks prepared for war
and on the jobs were golden crowns
and the jobs had the faces of consumers
jobs had the hair of consumers
and the teeth of consumers
the jobs had lawyers made of plexiglass
and the sound of their wings was like
the sound of tanks going into battle
and they had tails like debt
and there were hypodermic needles in their tails
with the power to hurt consumers for five months
the jobs had a manager
who was the fifth businessman

one broadcast is over
and there are two left

-4- The Sixth Businessman Broadcasts

the sixth businessman began to broadcast
and i heard feedback from the four amplifiers of the golden stadium
which is before the president
commanding the sixth businessman who had a satelite
'loose the four managers which are bound
in the great stream of commerce'

and the four managers were loosed
prepared to fire a third of the workforce
and the number of the army of the middle managers
were two hundred thousand thousand:
and i heard the number of them

and so i saw the middle managers on the television
and those that stood upon them
having tuxedo jackets of teflon and diamond
and the heads of the middle managers were like the heads of machines
and out of their heads issued lasers and toxins and neuroses
By these was a third of the workforce destroyed
by the lasers
and by the toxins
and by the neuroses
which issued from their mouths
For their power is in their mouth, and in their tails:
for their tails were like missiles which had heads
and with them they attack

yet the rest of the workforce who were not killed by these plagues
still plead not guilty of the works of their hands
the worship of rock musicians
the idols of silicon and electricity and glass
nor did they plead guilty of their murders
their business plans
their unprotected sex
or their profits

-5- The Seventh Businessman Broadcasts

the seventh businessman began to broadcast
and there were great media analysts saying
'the properties of this world
are become the properties of the president
and of his political consultant
and he shall be elected for ever and ever'

the four and twenty delegates
who sat before the president on their seats
fell upon their facelessness and worshipped the president saying

'we give thee sexual favors, O President Almighty
who is, and was, and is to come;
because you have taken large weapons
and ruled with them
and the nations were violent
and your military operations were carried out
and the time of the consumers
that they should be put on trial
and that you should give healthcare to your servants the media
and to the marketers
and those that fear your name
small and great;
and you should destroy those that destroy the economy'

and the mansion of the president was erected in hollywood
and there was seen in his mansion
the vessel of his control
and there was bad television
and sonic weaponry
and recession
and bioterrorism

-6- The Implicit

there appeared a great media event in hollywood
an actress clothed with electrons
and gravity under her feet
and upon her head a hat of twelve spiral galaxies
and she, being knocked up, cried
suffering in birth
she prays for abortion